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Welcome to the ITM company website.
Our company was founded in 1983 initially offering
services in the field of lathe work and milling.

Today, it is a dynamically growing company
specializing in machining CNC cutting milling and lather work.

Our plant's equipment includes CNC lathes and milling machines from MAZAK and LEADWELL companies, thanks to which we combine high accuracy and reliability.

We machine all kinds of metals and plastics existing on the market.

We have experience in the production of elements for many industries: from automotive, mechanical engineering through medical, electronic, electromedical equipment as well as for automatics and robotics. We work closely with the best Polish Universities in the implementation of innovative projects such as the construction of a Mars rover.

ITM is not a big company, so we are flexible and open minded to any unusual and challenging demands.

We focus on:
•    Precise and timely order execution
•    Easy contact with us
•    Quick reactions to inquiries
•    Fast and timely order execution
•    Commitment at every step of production
ITM specializes in precise CNC machining.
With CNC precision we can not only achieve unusual, very complicated shapes but also high repeatability of the products.

We work with all kinds of metals and plastic, even those very demanding.

We offer the highest level of services and modern solutions for our clients based on skilled and experienced employees. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of services provided.

At our work we use the newest CAD/CAM software tools to support us both in production and designing.

We implement projects made in CAD/CAM technology.

We use Measuring Components from RENISGAW and OMROM.

We are expanding our services with the offer of our sub-suppliers, thanks to which we are able to fulfill your order, also if it is necessary to do:

•    Surface treatment ( anodizing, galvanizing, nickel plating, etc.)
•    Heat treatment (Quenching and tempering, nitriding or carburizing, etc.)

We specialize in medium and large size productions and also prototypes.
We use new, efficient and precise Japanese CNC machines from MAZAK.
Our machine park has numerically controlled lathes as well as conventional machines that gives us a lot of production flexibility and the opportunity to offer the best technological process for a given item. This has a direct influence on the quality of the product being processed and hence its price as well.

CNC Lathework
MAZAK machines are efficient turning centers, designed to provide unparalleled productivity. A rigid integrated spindle and motor assembly combined with the INTELLIGENT THERMAL COVER function ensures high accuracy and cutting speed.
•    Size of the handle 6 inches
•    Max length of the workpiece 480 mm
•    Max diameter of the workpiece 280 mm
•    Max bar machining diameter 40 mm

Turning on conventional lathers:
•    Max length of the workpiece 750 mm
•    Max diameter of the workpiece 380 mm
•    Max weight of the item 300 kg
With the help of numerically controlled machines we are able to mill in any material. The scope of the processing allows to make full 3D shapes such as sculptures, forms and other shapes. We use the newest CAD/CAM software, tools and we make our own instrumentations as well.

CNC Milling
Our vertical machining center does all that is possible to meet the highest demands no matter what product type we are processing. It’s possible thanks to high-performance milling spindles, innovative cooling systems, tool systems and also rapid switch of working tools. High-tech control ensures quality and precision of our work.
•    Movement of X axis 800 mm
•    Movement of Y axis 520 mm
•    Movement of Z axis 610 mm
•    Workspace size 890x500 mm

Milling on conventional machines:
•    Workspace size 315x900 mm
•    Max movement of the headstock 400 mm
•    Max longitudinal movement 580 mm
•    Max weight of the workpiece 300 kg